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117 N. Washington St. 

Beeville, TX 78102


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Our firm handles a variety of Personal Injury and Loss cases. These range from car accidents to slip and falls to wrongful death. When it comes to injury and death cases we take no fee unless we are successful. 

Personal Injury 

Whether you or a loved one have suffered injury from a car accident, slip and fall or any manner of personal injury we can assist you in making sure that your interests are protected and the best possible recovery is sought from those responsible. 

Wrongful Death

In the unfortunate event that a family member has suffered death due to the responsibility or negligence of another we are here to make sure that there is a recourse for those left behind. 

Funeral Home Negligence

Funeral Homes and cemeteries have a moral and legal obligation to care for our loved ones after they pass. Unfortunately there are instances when these obligations are not met. We can assist you in pursuing claims for funeral home negligence or misconduct. This can include mishandling of a corpse, misidentification, neglect, theft and many other issues relating to the end of life of our friends and family. 

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